True Confessions
Greg Evigan Terri
Valerie Landsburg Janet
Kaz Garas Tom
Ron Ross Ted
Jack Ross Obney Policeman
Usa 1986

Terri is a young musician,
who is living a professional crisis.
His wife Janet is a singer,
for the love of her husband,
she left the career at the height of success.
Now Terri lives with a faulty feeling
and he canít write music anymore.
He is getting an alcoholic.
Janetís agent Tom wants to promote
a new record for coming back
Janet to the success again.
Janet desires to help her husband,
she wants that he goes on
with her as choralist.
Tom broadcasts Janetís record,
Terri thinks that his wife has changed idea
and that she doesnít want him anymore.
Terri starts drinking again.
Ted one of his friends tells him
to come back to Janet,
because she loves him and
Terri understands that he was wrong.
So, he elegantly dresses and
goes to the recording studio
and he starts singing.
Janet is touched by him.
She goes to her husband and hugging him,
then they start to sing togheter.
Finally after a lot of sorrow,
Terry is back to be a good husband and musician.

True confessions'screencaps belong to SYND Landsburg company production