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Greg Evigan is a musician,
a singer and a composer.
He plays several musical instruments:
piano, drums, guitar, recorder, saxaphone,
flute, organ, fife.
In 70’s years, Greg along with Paul Shaffer,
were signed by Casablanca record and
they cut the album “Greg & Paul”.
In a lot of success Tv series,
Greg sang the theme songs.
Among the most famous, we can remember:
“B.J. and the Bear”; “My two dads”;
“P.S I Luv U”.
As guest star, Greg sang in several shows.
We can remember: “Fame”; “One day at a time”;
“True confessions”; “Touched by an angel”.
In the movie “Private road”
he made “The sound track”.
In 1996, Greg cut a cd
“Slow Down”.
The cd is a fusion of pop-rock and R&B music.
You can order it to the official site
In 1998, he recorded eight, light
classical pieces in the Abbey Road London Studio
and played with the Royal Philharmonic orchestra.