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B.J. and The Bear
My two Dads
PS I Luv U
Big Sound
Family rules
One year at the top
All that glitter
Film North Star
Lies before kisses
The lady forgets
Deadly family secrets
One of her own
Nobody lives forever
Earthquake in New York
Isabelle rock
The pawn
Private road not trepassing
Stripped to kill
Arizona Summer
Straight From the Heart
He Sees You When You're Sleeping
Sweet Revenge
Murder Among Friends
Cinema Deep star six
Guest Star Dallas
One day at a time
The six million dollar man
Yellow Rose
True confessions
Murder she wrote
Mike Hammer
Melrose Place
Seven Heaven
Touched by an angel
Desperate housewives
Close to Home

Alfred Hitchcoch presents
Cold Case
Show Circus of the Stars
Theatre Jesus Christ Superstar

Greg Evigan made his debut
at the age of 17
in the musical play
“Jesus Christ Superstar”.
After two years of Broadway,
he was signed for the leading role of Danny Zuko in Grease.
He played for five weeks in
New York and
for nine months in Chicago;
after that Greg came back to
New York.
Here he met the producers
Don Kirshner and Norman Lear,
who signed Greg for a co-protagonist role in the show
“A year at the top”.
"The story was about two artists
who sold the soul to the devil for a year of success."
In the cast there were Mickey Rooney and Paul Shaffer.
In this tv series, Greg and Shaffer cut the abum “Greg & Paul”.
After this show, Greg was called by the producer Lear, for a new role
in “All that glitter”.
The great popularity was achived with “B.J. and the Bear”.
The beautiful adventures
of a trucker B.J. McKay and his inseparable mate,
a chimpanzee Bear.
Greg Evigan sang with
huge success
the theme song of this lucky
tv series.
In 1983, he was co-protagonist
in the show “Masquerade”.
Greg performed the role of an agent who worked
for Nia Usa secret service.
In the cast there were
Rod Taylor and Kirstie Alley.
In 1988, Greg performed with a great success
the role of Joey Harris in the situation comedy
“My two dads”.
"The story was about two
college friends,
who after 12 years got togheter
for growing up the daughter of their former
girlfriend passed away.
Nobody knew the fatherhood of the young girl.
Joey was an artist and Michael a business man.
Despite their differencies,
they gave the best of
their worlds to Nicole."
The show was awarded as the best situation comedy.
Greg sang the theme song
“You can count on me”
and he was one of the author of the lyric song.
In 1991, he played in the show
“P.S. I luv U”
with Connie Selecca.
The theme song was sung by Greg and Suzanne Fountain.
In 1994 William Shatner writer of the best selling novel “Tek”,
called Greg for the role of
Jake Cardigan
in the science fiction Movie
“Tek War”.
The series started out
with four two hour movies and
then 18 one hour episode were produced.
"Set in the year 2044,
it told a police story of the future
in which crime prevention was geared towards
eleminating the drug:"Tek".
At the end of 90’s years,
Greg played in a situation comedy
“Big Sound”
where he performed the part of Bill Sutton a musical manager.
"The satirical humor of the show
was derived from the fanatical and
often eccentric behavior of artists, agents, publicists."
For the big screen, Greg played
in the science fiction movie
“Deep star six”,
directed by Sean S. Cunningham.
Greg performed in a lot of
tv movies.
In 80’s years, he played in “Northstar”,
"the story of an astronaut who developed paranormal powers
after an accident in the space."
“Lies before kisses” a thriller with
Jaclyn Smith and Ben Gazzara.
“Private road”, in this movie Greg made the sound track.
“The lady forgets” with
Donna Mills.
“Deadly family secrets” with
Loni Anderson.
“One of her owns” with
Lori Laughin.
“Nobody lives forever” with Brenda Bakke.
“Earthquake in N.Y.” with
Cynthia Gibb.
In first 70’s years, Greg took part
as a guest star in many success
Tv series.
“Dallas”, “One day at a time”,
“The six million dollars man”.
In 80’s years, he played
in“Fame”, “Murder she wrote” “Yellow Rose”.
In 90’s years, he performed in
“Touched by an angel”,
“Seven Heaven”
“Columbo” “Melrose Place”.
In 2003, he partook in “Jag”
and the
“Return of Hunter”.
In 2004 and 2005, Greg played
in many Tv-movies,
and has taken part to science conventions
in Europe and United States.